Official mirror of the external buildroot tree for Speedsaver on GitHub

@Xogium Xogium authored on 28 May 2021
board/ speedsaver board/speedsaver: fix typo in triggerhappy systemd override. 3 years ago
buildroot-patches Added alsa-utils patch to set the lock directory. 3 years ago
configs board/speedsaver: bump kernel to 5.12.2. 3 years ago
packages packages/navit: bump to version 5d22710. 3 years ago
scripts Implement version stamping. 3 years ago
utilities Global: added an utilities directory to contain scripts generated data or configs, if global. 3 years ago
.gitignore board/speedsaver: alter genimage and config to use version stamping. 3 years ago Initial commit for speedsaver. 3 years ago Added changelog. 3 years ago Mention patches in readme. 3 years ago
external.desc Initial commit for speedsaver. 3 years ago Implement version stamping. 3 years ago


This is the buildroot external tree for the speedsaver build.

This is based on the orange pi zero board from xunlong.

How to build

Download either a tarball of the latest buildroot release (2020.08.1 at the time of this writing), and extract it, or git clone. Next, clone the external tree repository, either inside the buildroot directory or outside of it. Add the navit maps (already in .bin format) to this directory inside the external tree: board/speedsaver/rootfs_overlay/usr/share/navit. The directory containing the maps must be called 'maps', and be obtained from somewhere else, as this repository doesn't provide them.

Then run the following commands in the buildroot toplevel directory:

for p in /path/to/speedsaver/external/tree/buildroot-patches/*.patch; do patch -p1 < $p; done
make BR2_EXTERNAL=/path/to/speedsaver/external/tree O=output/speedsaver speedsaver_defconfig
cd output/speedsaver

Note: If your machine has more than one core, you can run the second make invocation with the -j option set to the number of cores +1 to accelerate the build process.

The resulting sdcard.img file in output/speedsaver/images must be flashed on a micro sd card, using dd or another software.