Arm Trusted Firmware

.husky build(hooks): add commitlint hook 3 years ago
bl1 style(linker_script): fix indentation 1 year ago
bl2 feat(fwu): introduce plat_fwu_is_enabled() 1 year ago
bl2u feat(debug): add helpers for aborts on AARCH32 5 years ago
bl31 Merge changes from topic "mp/ras_refactoring" into integration 1 year ago
bl32 fix(tsp): use verbose for power logs 1 year ago
common feat(debug): add one register in asm print functions 5 years ago
docs docs: describe the new warning levels 1 year ago
drivers fix(st-crypto): do not read RNG data if it's not ready 1 year ago
fdts stm32mp135d-odyssey: new board 10 months ago
include fix(spi_nand): Quad Enable management 1 year ago
lib fix: unify fallthrough annotations 1 year ago
licenses docs(license): rectify `arm-gic.h` license 3 years ago
make_helpers feat(build)!: check boolean flags are not empty 1 year ago
plat feat(st): lock the encryption key at the end of BL2 1 year ago
services fix: unify fallthrough annotations 1 year ago
tools feat(fwu): add metadata generator tools 2 years ago
.checkpatch.conf Re-apply GIT_COMMIT_ID check for checkpatch 5 years ago
.commitlintrc.js build(commitlint): make the scope optional 2 years ago
.cz.json refactor(hooks): replace cz-conventional-changelog with cz-commitlint 2 years ago
.editorconfig .editorconfig: set max line length to 100 3 years ago
.gitignore fix(docs): prevent a virtual environment from failing a build 1 year ago
.gitreview Specify integration as the default branch for git-review 4 years ago
.nvmrc build(npm): add NVM version file 1 year ago
.versionrc.js docs(changelog): fix broken version bumping 2 years ago docs(st): add 4 years ago
Makefile fix(build): add a default value for INVERTED_MEMMAP 1 year ago docs(st): add 2 years ago
changelog.yaml Merge "refactor(trng): cleanup the existing TRNG support" into integration 1 year ago
dco.txt Drop requirement for CLA in 7 years ago
license.rst doc: De-duplicate readme and license files 4 years ago
package-lock.json docs(changelog): changelog for v2.8 release 1 year ago
package.json docs(changelog): changelog for v2.8 release 1 year ago
readme.rst doc: Formatting fixes for readme.rst 4 years ago