add .get_maintainer.conf
Since commit e57c7c5c4282 (" update from Linux kernel
v5.13-rc6") only the top level MAINTAINERS file is used. This is because
this commit (accidentally) disabled the search of MAINTAINERS files
(find_maintainer_files is set to 0 again). Before that, commit
b79372ae94fb ("scripts/ enable find_maintainer_files")
explicitly enabled that feature. Nowadays, we also have to set
maintainer_path to a directory.

To fix it and enable recursive search of MAINTAINERS, create a
configuration file to set these two variables.

Signed-off-by: Michael Walle <>
1 parent 38a9840 commit d507b250913c61c758c0239b15785015facc5371
@Michael Walle Michael Walle authored on 31 Oct 2021
Tom Rini committed on 11 Nov 2021
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