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@Patrick Delaunay Patrick Delaunay authored on 7 Oct 2022
SPI sandbox: update documents regarding spi_sf 4 years ago
SPL net: Rename SPL_NET_SUPPORT to SPL_NET 2 years ago
android Create a new boot/ directory 2 years ago
api linker_lists: Rename sections to remove . prefix 2 years ago
arch configs: Remove a number of unreferenced CONFIG options. 1 year ago
board ARM: dts: stm32: add stm32mp157x-ev1 boards support 1 year ago
build doc: add package uuid-dev to build dependencies 2 years ago
chromium doc: Update documentation for cros-2021.04 release 3 years ago
develop Prepare v2022.10 1 year ago
device-tree-bindings dt/bindings: Add bindings for FWU Metadata mtd storage 1 year ago
imx mx8m: Fix the calculation of fit_block_size 1 year ago
media doc: Remove duplicated documentation directory 5 years ago
mvebu WS cleanup: remove trailing empty lines 2 years ago
sphinx doc: update doc/sphinx/requirements.txt 2 years ago
sphinx-static doc: Remove duplicated documentation directory 5 years ago
uImage.FIT Provide more details of exactly how configuration signatures are calculated 1 year ago
usage doc: improve description of autostart 1 year ago
.gitignore doc: Add .gitignore for the Sphinx build output directory 5 years ago
I2C_Edge_Conditions rename CFG_ macros to CONFIG_SYS 15 years ago
Makefile doc: Build documentation in parallel 1 year ago
README.Heterogeneous-SoCs powerpc/mpc85xx: Add DSP side awareness for Freescale Heterogeneous SoCs 9 years ago
README.JFFS2 fs: Kconfig: Add a separate option for FS_JFFS2 7 years ago
README.JFFS2_NAND README: Drop unused JFFS2 options 7 years ago
README.LED powerpc, 8xx: remove support for 8xx 7 years ago
README.OFT Code cleanup, especially MIPS for GCC 4.x 18 years ago
README.POST treewide: convert bd_t to struct bd_info manually 4 years ago
README.SNTP doc: Fix some typos in different files 12 years ago
README.TPL cosmetic: Fix spelling and whitespace errors 4 years ago
README.VLAN Patches by Pantelis Antoniou, 30 Mar 2004: 20 years ago
README.VSC3316-3308 board/freescale/common: VSC3316/VSC3308 initialization code 11 years ago
README.arm-caches doc: ARM: Use the right function name 9 years ago
README.arm-relocation treewide: convert bd_t to struct bd_info manually 4 years ago
README.armada-secureboot arm: mvebu: Implement secure boot 7 years ago
README.asn1 doc: add README for asn1 compiler and decoder 4 years ago
README.atmel_mci treewide: convert bd_t to struct bd_info manually 4 years ago
README.atmel_pmecc ARM: at91: Convert SPL_GENERATE_ATMEL_PMECC_HEADER to Kconfig 5 years ago
README.autoboot autoboot: Rename CONFIG_MENUKEY to CONFIG_AUTOBOOT_MENUKEY 4 years ago
README.bcm7xxx board: arm: Add support for Broadcom BCM7445 6 years ago
README.bcmns3 doc: add README doc for bcmns3 platform 4 years ago
README.bitbangMII Coding Style cleanup; update CHANGELOG, prepare -rc1 14 years ago
README.bootcount bootcount: clarify documentation 2 years ago boston: Introduce support for the MIPS Boston development board 7 years ago
README.bus_vcxk SPDX: Convert all of our single license tags to Linux Kernel style 6 years ago
README.cfi doc/README.cfi: Update code snippet, and add example. 7 years ago
README.commands.itest * Patch by Laurent Mohin, 10 Feb 2004: 20 years ago
README.commands.spl WS cleanup: remove SPACE(s) followed by TAB 2 years ago
README.console treewide: convert bd_t to struct bd_info manually 4 years ago
README.davinci README: davinci: Clarify when SPL is used and the target devices. 4 years ago
README.davinci.nand_spl arm, davinci: add cam_enc_4xx support 12 years ago
README.dfutftp WS cleanup: remove excessive empty lines 2 years ago
README.displaying-bmps lcd: implement a callback for splashimage 11 years ago
README.dns Coding Style cleanup; update CHANGELOG. 14 years ago
README.enetaddr net: Always build the string_to_enetaddr() helper 4 years ago
README.esbc_validate SPDX: Convert all of our single license tags to Linux Kernel style 6 years ago
README.ext4 fs: Migrate ext4 to Kconfig 6 years ago
README.falcon WS cleanup: remove SPACE(s) followed by TAB 2 years ago
README.fec_mxc net: fec_mxc: Drop CONFIG_FEC_XCV_TYPE 2 years ago
README.fsl-ddr driver/ddr/fsl: Add address parity support for DDR4 UDIMM/discrete 8 years ago
README.fsl-dpaa armv8/ls1043a: Add Fman support 8 years ago
README.fsl-esdhc Move eSDHC adapter card identification to board files 4 years ago
README.fsl-hwconfig powerpc/85xx: Specify hwconfig usage for USB controller 13 years ago
README.fsl-trustzone-components armv8: LS2080A: Rename LS2085A to reflect LS2080A 8 years ago
README.fsl_iim Add fsl_iim driver 11 years ago
README.fuse Add fuse API and commands 11 years ago
README.generic-board treewide: convert bd_t to struct bd_info manually 4 years ago
README.generic_usb_ohci usb: ohci-hcd: Remove some unused legacy code 2 years ago
README.gpio gpio: Get rid of gpio_hog_probe_all() 1 year ago
README.gpt doc: fix references to distro documentation 1 year ago
README.hwconfig Cosmetic: Fix a number of typos, no functional changes. 10 years ago
README.i2c i2c: Add a mux for GPIO-based I2C bus arbitration 8 years ago
README.iomux SPDX: Convert all of our single license tags to Linux Kernel style 6 years ago
README.kconfig Revert "Revert "global: Remove CONFIG_SYS_EXTRA_OPTIONS support"" 2 years ago
README.kwbimage doc: fix documentation of out-of-tree build 9 years ago net: cosmetic: Fix failures in net.c 9 years ago
README.malta Use correct spelling of "U-Boot" 8 years ago
README.marvell Revert "arm64: dts: a3720: add support for espressobin with populated emmc" 3 years ago
README.mediatek doc: README.mediatek: Add a simple README for MediaTek 5 years ago
README.memory-test Feature Removal: disable "mtest" command by default 11 years ago
README.mpc83xx.ddrecc mpc83xx: Correct the README for DDR ECC 16 years ago
README.mpc83xxads README: Drop CONFIG_MPC8349ADS 7 years ago
README.mpc85xx powerpc: mpc85xx: Rename _start_e500 symbol to _start 2 years ago
README.mpc85xx-sd-spi-boot Fix URLs to old freescale git repos 2 years ago
README.mpc85xx-spin-table Use correct spelling of "U-Boot" 8 years ago
README.mpc85xxcds Use correct spelling of "U-Boot" 8 years ago
README.multi-dtb-fit doc: multi-dtb-fit: Remove double underscores 4 years ago
README.mxc_ocotp arm: vf610: Add Vybrid VF610 to mxc_ocotp document 11 years ago
README.nand Convert CONFIG_NAND_OMAP_ECCSCHEME to Kconfig 2 years ago
README.odroid WS cleanup: remove SPACE(s) followed by TAB 2 years ago
README.omap-ulpi-viewport usb: ulpi: Add omap-ulpi-view port support 12 years ago
README.omap3 logicpd: Drop omap3 zoom1 4 years ago
README.pblimage ppc: Remove corenet_ds boards 1 year ago
README.pcap WS cleanup: remove trailing empty lines 2 years ago
README.power-framework doc:power:pmic: Add doc entry for PMIC(v2) framework 10 years ago
README.pxe cmd: pxe: support INITRD and FDT selection with FIT 1 year ago
README.ramboot-ppc85xx powerpc: mpc85xx: Convert CONFIG_SYS_CCSRBAR_DEFAULT to Kconfig option 7 years ago
README.rmobile ARM: rmobile: Add R8A77965 M3NULCB support 5 years ago
README.rockchip doc: rockchip: puma: update build and flash instructions 2 years ago
README.rockusb usb: rockchip: implement K_FW_LBA_ERASE_10 command 6 years ago
README.s5p4418 arm: add (default) config for nanopi2 board 4 years ago
README.s5pc1xx s5pc1xx: update the README file 14 years ago
README.sata Use correct spelling of "U-Boot" 8 years ago
README.sched * Patch by Arun Dharankar, 4 Apr 2003: 21 years ago
README.scrapyard scrapyard: Delete this file and script 4 years ago
README.serial_multi powerpc, 5xxx, 512x: remove support for mpc5xxx and mpc512x 7 years ago
README.sha1 Drop references to MAKEALL in the documentation 7 years ago
README.silent Convert CONFIG_SYS_DEVICE_NULLDEV to Kconfig 3 years ago
README.socfpga arm: socfpga: arria10: Add qts-filter for Arria10 socfpga 4 years ago
README.splashprepare splash: Use splashfile instead of location->name 5 years ago
README.srio-pcie-boot-corenet powerpc/doc: Update the README.srio-pcie-boot-corenet 11 years ago
README.standalone nds32: Remove the architecture 2 years ago
README.t1040-l2switch drivers: net: vsc9953: Add LAG support 8 years ago
README.tee Documentation: tee uclass and op-tee driver 5 years ago
README.ti-secure doc: Update info on using K3 secure devices 5 years ago
README.ubi ubi: Add "skipcheck" command to set/clear this bit in the UBI volume hdr 4 years ago
README.ubispl spl: Lightweight UBI and UBI fastmap support 8 years ago
README.ublimage Minor coding style cleanup. 12 years ago
README.udp net: add a generic udp protocol 3 years ago
README.unaligned-memory-access.txt doc: Fix comparison operator 9 years ago
README.uniphier doc: fix references to distro documentation 1 year ago
README.update cmd: drop fitupd command 4 years ago
README.usb usb: doc: Fix spelling issues in README.usb 2 years ago
README.vf610 arm: vf610: Add Vybrid VF610 CPU support 11 years ago video: Add information about using TrueType fonts 5 years ago
README.watchdog nds32: Remove the architecture 2 years ago
README.zfs Coding Style cleanup: replace leading SPACEs by TABs 10 years ago
bounces patman: add support for omitting bouncing addresses 6 years ago doc: fix Latex margins 2 years ago
dumpimage.1 doc: Add man page for dumpimage 2 years ago
feature-removal-schedule.txt treewide: mem: Move mtest related defines to Kconfig 4 years ago
git-mailrc git-mailrc: remove invalid entry 'efi' 1 year ago
index.rst doc: move i.MX7D/i.MX8MM A/B booting to board specific 2 years ago
kwboot.1 treewide: Fix Marek's name and change my e-mail address 2 years ago
mkeficapsule.1 mkeficapsule: Remove raw and FIT GUID types 2 years ago
mkimage.1 doc: mkimage: Further document -o and -R 2 years ago