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@Valentin Caron Valentin Caron authored on 25 Jul
Patrice CHOTARD committed on 4 Aug
adc adc: stm32mp15: manage pcsel on end of conversion 2 years ago
ata spl: ahci: Fix dependency for SPL_AHCI_PCI 1 year ago
axi WS cleanup: remove trailing empty lines 2 years ago
bios_emulator video: Rename structs and functions to avoid VBE 1 year ago
block block: ide: Remove ide_preinit function 2 years ago
bootcount Convert CONFIG_SYS_BOOTCOUNT_LE et al to Kconfig 2 years ago
bus bus: ti-sysc: change in a normal driver 3 years ago
button button: gpio: add DM_GPIO dependency 1 year ago
cache drivers: cache: ncore: Disable snoop filter 2 years ago
clk clk: stm32mp1: remove error for disabled clock in stm32mp1_clk_get_parent 1 year ago
core ofnode: support panel-timings in ofnode_decode_display_timing 1 year ago
cpu common: Drop display_options.h from common header 1 year ago
crypto crypto/fsl: fsl_hash: Fix crash in flush dcache 1 year ago
ddr imx8m: ddrphy_utils: Remove unused file 1 year ago
demo demo: migrate uclass to livetree 2 years ago
dfu dfu: mtd: remove direct call of mtdparts_init function 1 year ago
dma arm: mach-k3: Rename SOC_K3_AM6 to SOC_K3_AM654 2 years ago
fastboot Audit <flash.h> inclusion 1 year ago
firmware firmware: scmi: use protocol node name to bind the scmi regulator driver 1 year ago
fpga fpga: zynqmp: support loading encrypted bitfiles 1 year ago
fuzz sandbox: Implement fuzzing engine driver 2 years ago
gpio gpio: stm32_gpio: flag secured pin as protected 2 years ago
hwspinlock hwspinlock: support hwlock-cells = 2 in default binding 1 year ago
i2c i2c: stm32: fix usage of rise/fall device tree properties 1 year ago
input input: apple: Add support for Apple SPI keyboard 2 years ago
iommu iommu: Add M2 support to Apple DART driver 2 years ago
led led: pwm: Use NOP uclass driver for top-level node 2 years ago
mailbox arm64: versal: Enable power domain driver and its dependencies 1 year ago
memory keystone2: Move CONFIG_AEMIF_CNTRL_BASE out of CONFIG namespace 2 years ago
misc misc: atsha204a: Don't check for error when waking up the device 1 year ago
mmc mmc: stm32_sdmmc2: manage vqmmc 1 year ago
mtd mtd: rawnand: stm32_fmc2: remove unsupported EDO mode 1 year ago
mux treewide: invaild -> invalid 2 years ago
net net: dwc_eth_qos: add support of stm32mp13 platform 3 years ago
nvme nvme: Do a clean NVMe shutdown 1 year ago
pch treewide: Simply conditions with the new OF_REAL 2 years ago
pci pci: Add checks to prevent config space overflow 2 years ago
pci_endpoint dm: define LOG_CATEGORY for all uclass 3 years ago
phy phy: usbphyc: use regulator_set_enable_if_allowed for disabling vbus supply 1 year ago
pinctrl pinctrl: pinctrl_stm32: Add slew rate support for stm32_pinctrl_get_pin_muxing() 1 year ago
power pmic: stpmic1: support new prefix node name for regulator 1 year ago
pwm pwm: aspeed: Select SYSCON to get parent detail. 2 years ago
qe powerpc: remove support for kmtergr1 and MPC8309 1 year ago
ram RAM: Add changes for i.MXRT11xx series 1 year ago
reboot-mode reboot-mode: migrate uclass to livetree 2 years ago
remoteproc remoteproc: stm32: add support of the remote proc management by OP-TEE 3 years ago
reset reset: remove reset_assert call in reset_release_all 1 year ago
rng drivers: rng: optee_rng: register to CONFIG_OPTEE_SERVICE_DISCOVERY 1 year ago
rtc treewide: Fix Marek's name and change my e-mail address 2 years ago
scsi scsi: call device_probe() after scanning 2 years ago
serial serial: stm32: extend TC timeout 11 months ago
smem dm: define LOG_CATEGORY for all uclass 3 years ago
soc soc: soc_ti_k3: identify j7200 SR2.0 SoCs 2 years ago
sound sound: enable building DA7219 driver with ACPIGEN=n 2 years ago
spi spi: stm32_qspi: Remove useless struct stm32_qspi_flash 1 year ago
spmi spmi: msm: add arbiter version 5 support 2 years ago
sysinfo sysinfo: rcar3: Add Renesas R-Car Gen3 sysinfo driver 3 years ago
sysreset RISC-V: enable CONFIG_SYSRESET_SBI by default 1 year ago
tee tee: optee: fix uuid comparisons on service discovery 1 year ago
thermal WS cleanup: remove SPACE(s) followed by TAB 2 years ago
timer timer: orion-timer: Use timer_conv_64() to fix timer wrap around 1 year ago
tpm tpm2: ftpm: open session with privileged ree login 1 year ago
ufs lib: fix selection of CONFIG_CHARSET 2 years ago
usb usb: host: ohci-generic: Make usage of clock/reset bulk() API 1 year ago
video video: stm32: stm32_ltdc: select pinctrl state 1 year ago
virtio virtio: rng: Check length before copying 2 years ago
w1 arm: Remove zmx25 board and ARCH_MX25 2 years ago
w1-eeprom dm: define LOG_CATEGORY for all uclass 3 years ago
watchdog watchdog: arm_smc_wdt: add watchdog support 1 year ago
xen drivers: xen: events: fix build issues with disabled Xen HVC 2 years ago
Kconfig fuzzing_engine: Add fuzzing engine uclass 2 years ago
Makefile ddr: imx: Add i.MX9 DDR controller driver 1 year ago