Trusted side of the TEE

.github ci: se05x crypto driver: update plug-and-trust 1 year ago
core stm32mp135d-odyssey: added new author in dts 9 months ago
documentation/devicetree/ bindings dt-bindings: interrupt-controller: stm32-exti: add property 'wakeup-parent' 1 year ago
keys keys: add remoteproc default RSA key 3 years ago
ldelf core, ldelf: link: add --no-warn-execstack 1 year ago
lib pta: scmi: support Ocall2 on MSG channel 1 year ago
mk core: add support of standard id for watchdog fast call 1 year ago
scripts scripts: use PIL 2 years ago
ta libutee: add Trusted UI code 2 years ago
.checkpatch.conf checkpatch: add --kconfig-prefix=CFG_ 3 years ago
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.gitignore .gitignore: add tags and TAGS 2 years ago Update CHANGELOG for 3.19.0 1 year ago CONTRIBUTING: add contributing guide 4 years ago
LICENSE LICENSE: all files are licensed under BSD 2-Clause by default 5 years ago
Makefile makefile: build ta_dev_kit but not TAs when CFG_WITH_USER_TA is disabled 1 year ago docs: Remove current docs and link to the new location 5 years ago SECURITY: add security notice 2 years ago
typedefs.checkpatch ldelf, libutee: add minimal Thread Local Storage support 3 years ago

OP-TEE Trusted OS

This git contains source code for the secure side implementation of OP-TEE project.

All official OP-TEE documentation has moved to

// OP-TEE core maintainers